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#AsHeardBy C. Diddy, "RON" - Ron Phoenix
2.3Overall Score
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As I always say beforehand with these reviews, listening to music is subjective. Just because I like something, doesn’t mean that you will & just because I don’t like something, doesn’t mean you won’t like it. Now onto the review.

First thing I notice about this project is the sound quality, or lack thereof. The intro reminds me a little bit of XXXTentacion, could be because of the rough around the edges quality or the content of the lyrics. Probably a combination of both if we’re being honest. The sound quality makes it sound like his words run together on the intro, making it hard to really decipher what exactly he is saying in some parts. Velly doesn’t really add anything to the track besides a deep ass voice, to be honest. The second track “Yung flame emoji moving x grooving” has Ron on the hook letting her know the various places he wants to do sexual acts with her. Beat has that slightly Hawaiian sound similar to “Ain’t Gon Let Up” from DJ Yola. The better speaker quality that you listen to this project on, the more it sounds like he recorded this in his basement (and while there’s nothing wrong with that), it definitely makes this seem low-brown compared to some of his other Columbus colleagues. Then we get into “Sonned”, the 3rd track on this project. The beat on Sonned is absolutely hard, especially with the menacing intro going into the looped sample. Shoutout to Godlike on the production. He plays with some voice effects on this track, to attempt to make him sound like a monster of some sort. But it just makes it harder to understand some of his lyrics.

“Volcanic” sounds like one of those old school polyphonic ringtones with him rapping over it. This is the first song I can fully understand him on due to the sound quality, “niggas wanna diss me/niggas wanna battle me in the city/niggas don’t want that problem/when I got the time I’mma give them all problems” isn’t the most lyrical statement but he is putting folks on notice of his intentions and what he plans on doing in the rap game locally. Next up is “Wake Up Call” –which is a spaced out beat with lyrics that are almost instantly forgettable, nothing to write home about. The videogame sampling “Cerulean Stunner” is next and this might be my favorite beat on the project, Stuntinsteve put his whole foot into this beat, but again the lyrics and sound quality don’t live up to their end of the bargain. “Ace Trainer” reminds me a lot of MadeinTYO (of Skateboard P) fame and I think it is my overall favorite track on this EP & quite frankly, should have ended the project because the actual outro “Immaculate” did nothing for me.

In conclusion, I want Ron Phoenix to please take heed on how you sound. Not just the music itself, but the quality of it. The low sound quality made this seem rushed together and low budget which automatically gives people a precondition of not liking it. Combining the fact that the lyrics weren’t really on par with what I was hoping for and some of the instrumental choices left me scratching my head, and we have a project that I wasn’t a big fan of. But as always, I wish Ron the best of luck and success, but there are definitely areas of improvement that I can see.

Favorite songs: “Ace Trainer,” “Sonned”

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