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i was pleasantly surprised when i tuned into @xHoneyHendrix project HFTH. the first track ‘Late Night’ caught me immediately with an infectious beat and even more energized lyrics, no more needed to be said and i wanted more out of this confident 21 year old. a lot of polish and consistency throughout that very few can accomplish let alone on their first attempt at a cohesive project. sharp lyrics and great execution of harmonies wrapped around engaging subject matter is at the heart of this EP. my favorite track is ‘Dream Come True’ which is a song about the vibes, if you know the vibes then you know this one is a hit. all in all HFTH is an exciting project with a little bit of something for everybody and i look forward to hearing more from this new artist.

listen now on apple music.

twitter: @SincerelyRW x IG: robwhite6

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