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when i first started the #CuratedBy playlists series on Apple Music this time last year the mission was simple; its too much music out, where the hell are the good songs i should actually be listening to? that quickly evolved into the series it is today, blending the old with the new and the familiar with the unknown for a unique blend every time.

since then ive put together these playlists with care and intention behind them. no halfway done hypebeast just put this on shuffle playlists on this side, yet a solid composition of careful thought out in manicured order records built with a specific occasion in mind.

enter the two newest enteries to the series:

pretty girls still love playlists: a sequence of time-honored bops appreciated by beychella subscribers and aunties with chunky elbows. press play and its instant sundress season, dripped a little heat on the playlist for the fellas too.

dont fall in love: its gonna be a hot summer. to counter the finesse and gentle structure of the aforementioned playlist i put together a collection of blicky anthems. no ticklish feelings allowed on this NSFW gathering of songs as most are meant to motivate, animate and at times encourage you to hold your loved ones close til the club closes.

former playlists worth checking for:

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