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Written by: Vida Michelle / Contact: graciasgod@yahoo.com –

There is something special about summer music. Maybe it’s the weather combined with the mood that takes Hip Hop higher, or chills Jazz to another degree of cool. It seems as though R&B turns on its sexiest vibe and poetry its playful and romantic side. Music is easily enjoyed at day parties, concerts and welcomed in the park.

With the change of seasons upon us and the 614 days of summer being a thing of the past, its time to reminisce and replay.

Looking back, there was much going on around Columbus; Elev8tor Music put on for The City with the 4th Annual Summer Jam 614, The Usual Suspects and The Alliance DJ Crews a.k.a. The Usual Alliance joined creative forces for The Re-Do/DJ Showcase every last Sunday of the month, and while Comfest lived up to its reputation for diversity, The King Arts Complex Concert Series provided the soundtrack for all of the Mt. Vernon/Long st. District. But inevitable September came and the end of summer wrapped up at Double Happiness with The Polar Showcase day party and concert featuring Masta Ace, presented by: J. Rawls.

Are you missing the summer vibe yet? Well we would never get you all the way to almost sick and not give you a remedy! October 22, 2013 is the release of The Pulse Radio & J. Rawls presents: The Polar Showcase Compilation Album, followed by the release of “(614) Days of Summer” a documentary by The Pulse – The Peoples Station Owner, DJ Rich NYCe.

Both projects cover the music and vibe of Columbus by including various artists, styles, and art forms, that cater to your, I miss summer cravings musically and visually.

Check it:


This an extended trailer of (614) Days of Summer: This is Columbus Hip Hop through two concerts, Summer Jam 614 and The Polar Showcase. Catch interviews, background info and live performances on the full length feature available 11/4/13.

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