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Earlier this week, I ranted on Twitter about how I felt like I wasn’t branching out much and listening to enough Columbus music on SoundCloud, the way I used to.

The full thread is at the bottom of this article, but the gist is that sometimes, we will swim around in the same spaces and get sucked into groupthink. Always listening to the same artist over and over, we not only stop branching out to hear new music, we also will get clouded in perspective. We start to think the artist we’re listening to, are the only ones worth listening to, which is obviously not true.

More chunes, and no mo’ group think, aye?

The solution for me was to create a weekly playlist to hold myself accountable. So, every Friday morning, I’ll put out an “Aint No Fishbowls” playlist. My rule is, I can’t use the same artist more than frequently than once every three weeks, but I’m going to try to listen to as much new music as possible across the board. I don’t care how many plays the songs may have. I’ma just care if it sounds good to my ears or not.

Send suggestions to my twitter @eh_kees. But only if they’re fire. Forreal.

Ain’t No Fishbowls 1:

  1. TrigNOLiquify featuring Drezon Midwest Produced by Sean Starks. – This beat is so smooth, Trig comes with the bars and the hook is infectious. Try not to chant about the tweeting niggas coming with the sneak disses all day after listening to this song. It reminds me of Kendrick’s Spiteful Chant in ways.
  2. NyQuinnSelf-Hate (Keep Ya Head Up) Produced by NyQuinn – This is Columbus R&B, which I thought was cool to include. The concept of this song is so so so fire to me. It starts out talking about outside influences, especially with the media but then shifts to a dope back-and-forth interpolating Sza’s Babylon and Tupac’s Keep Ya Head Up.
  3. Kent & Big JamesPimpin’ Olympics Produced by Sean Starks – I’ma come clean: the content of this song ain’t what I’m on at this point in my life, BUT the production on this song is so dope. Kent and Big James’ chemistry is at its peak on Pimpin’ Olympics and they both really shine on this song.
  4. ArtfromkevinMadness – “I know what I gotta do.” This song is actually the one that started the Ain’t No Fishbowl series because somebody told me I was sleeping if I wasn’t checking out AFK. This joint is brooding but still had me bopping in my seat.  And now I’m looking forward to hearing more from him.
  5. Kashis KeyzSpartan Produced by Markie Beatz – The flow on this song, from the very first bars, immediately grabbed my attention. He got in his pocket early and rode it the entire 3 minute 47 seconds. Like, this man is really nice. Like, he can really rap forreal.

Lasts thing. Anybody who says Columbus doesn’t have a particular sound just isn’t listening. Cause I definitely hear a specific aesthetic across all the songs.

Be back next week, writing from another fishbowl.


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