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Continuing my efforts to listen to more music outside of my normal rotation in the city, here’s Aint No Fishbowls 2. There’s a lot of different sounds on this week’s mix. With the exception of the FPM Exclusive Posse Cut “Therapy”, the songs on Aint No Fishbowls 2 are a lot more aggressive and trappy.

In case you missed it the concept for “Aint No Fishbowls”, here’s an excerpt from the first one.

The full thread is at the bottom of this article, but the gist is that sometimes, we will swim around in the same spaces and get sucked into groupthink. Always listening to the same artist over and over, we not only stop branching out to hear new music, we also will get clouded in perspective. We start to think the artist we’re listening to, are the only ones worth listening to, which is obviously not true.

The solution for me was to create a weekly playlist to hold myself accountable. So, every Friday morning, I’ll put out an “Aint No Fishbowls” playlist. My rule is, I can’t use the same artist more than frequently than once every three weeks, but I’m going to try to listen to as much new music as possible across the board. I don’t care how many plays the songs may have. I’ma just care if it sounds good to my ears or not.

Ain’t No Fishbowls 2

It starts with a trap-rock blend on “War” by Fabby Rotten produced by AyeYoQue. I loved the genre blending on this song and it makes me want to hit a mosh fit. The next song is by Bobby Biz, who has a real unique sound that I can only describe as trap with a digital filter.

The next songs is a bit of a throwback with OG Vern’s “Man in The City.” It was released 6 months ago but I thought that it belonged on this playlist, especially next to Yogi’s “Point 5 Interlude”. Both songs are from younger artists on the scene reflecting on their place in the culture and where they are right now in their life. Both are kinda melancholy and moody, but still dope in their own right.

The last song is an FPM Exclusive with some of the best spitters (in my opinion) teaming up on a love song. With a line up like this, you’d think the song would be a lyrical exhibition with every rapper coming for each other’s necks but it turned out to be a nice ode to love. I’m here for it.

Send suggestions to my twitter @eh_kees. But only if they’re fire. Forreal.

Ain’t No Fishbowls 2:

  1. Fabby Rotten – War Produced by AyeYoQue.
  2. Bobby Biz – Diego Feat. Rich The Kid Produced by Sean Starks
  3. OG Vern – Man In The City Produced by Jxhlani
  4. Yogi Split – Point 5 Interlude – Produced by Amazing Prophet
  5. Kashis Keyz, Tripp Fontane, TrigNO, Greg Owens – Therapy Produced by Greg Owens, Malccs and Sean Starks (I made a minor exception for this song because it was a FPM exclusive, and um, this is my list. Haha)

AGAIN. Anybody who says Columbus doesn’t have a particular sound just isn’t listening. Cause I definitely hear a specific aesthetic across all the songs.

Be back next week, writing from another fishbowl.

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