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“Close to the edge but I’m so lost in my thoughts / They say you free to expression but they trapped in a box / It’s like a deep paradox but I’m so quick with the movement / Too focused on my music while the city still snoozing” – “Smoking Mirrors”

At last, we bring you Bree The Rapper’s new album Game Over. The project follows her 2016 EP 19 and 2015’s Teen Spirit. In an interview you can now watch here,  Bree spoke on how Game Over is her most genuine project yet.

“I more so dug into who I am as a person and why I make music with this project,” she said. “I feel like, I became big on finding who I am, and I became big on embracing that and pushing others to do the same thing. I feel like a lot of issues that you face is because you don’t accept yourself.”

The project includes 10 tracks featuring collaborations with Yogi Split, Jäs, Tobilla, Tune, Kid Crave and more.

You can listen to Game Over below, and make sure you support when the album comes out everywhere next week.

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