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Written by: Vida Michelle / Contact: graciasgod@yahoo.com –

Prime, The Talented Mista Lindsey, Scott, Big Bald Head Productions, B-237, the truth is this man has as many names, as he does talents. If you consider yourself a part of, or well versed in, Midwest Music chances are you have done business with Prime. And while some know him as DJ, Emcee, Producer, Director, Editor, Graphic Artist, or Photographer, we recognize him as all of those titles as well as Music Historian and an overall resource for all things Music.

For the last 20 years he has helped build the foundation of Columbus, Ohio Hip Hop and has continued to lay brick after brick in the local and independent music scene. This week, “The New Adventures of Old Prime” hit the streets and it’s no surprise that Prime comes better than before, as if that was possible!

“The New Adventures of Old Prime” plays like a chapter book. It taps into only some of the talented Artist that have had the pleasure to work with him. Although the album is meant to showcase the various Artist featured, because Prime is who he is, and the common denominator, against his many efforts to remain in the background and humble, his undeniable talent shines.

This album sounds like a Volume #1 in what could be a greatest hits series. It starts off strong with tracks like “Mr. Nice Guy”, (featuring Silas), “1 Of the Illest”; featuring FHSP who took home this year’s Ohio Hip Hop Award for Best New Group of 2012. The album keeps the listener engaged while slowing it down with “Chocolate Deluxe”, featuring this year’s Poet/Poetry Album of The Year, J.G. the Jugganaut and goes into some of my favorite tracks: A classic called “Sara Bellum”, (featuring C.Gist, S. Lindsey) and “Gotta Have U”, (featuring Larry Sparks & Elevated Thinking).

The album has over thirteen tracks including a very personal “Letter to Mom” (S.Lindsey); a track dedicated to the late Barbara Lindsey, Prime’s Mother who passed away in 2012.

And there is a little extra for all those who don’t skip through– let’s just say the album also finishes strong.

“The New Adventures of Old Prime” does not disappoint consistently staying true to Prime’s classic style. It is the perfect opportunity to enjoy what Prime is well known for: His ability to make complete hooks from scratching and sampling, music that is well mixed and mastered and delivers a crispy and clean sound, and the diverse sound, and talented Artist he is involved with. It is an easy listen as it takes you from heavy Hip Hop, mixes in the R&B, Spoken Word and of course to the local, independent Underground.

We’re co-signing and invite you to check out “The New Adventures of Old Prime” and his music collection which includes classic and up and coming projects for Scott Lindsey, Prime, The Talented Mista Lindsey, Big Bald Head Productions, B-237—names that in the end amount to, and equal great music.


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