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I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past – Thomas Jefferson

This is the FlyPaper 6-1-4 Hip Hop Power Ranking Spotlight. I broke down the meaning of the spotlight last week here, but as a reminder here are the breakdowns as well as the artist we’ve selected for each section. Click on the links to get a more in-depth glimpse on how we arrived at our decision and links to their music.

The 6 – Big James, DXM THE GXD, Dom Deshawn, Bobby Biz, Jerreau, Darrio Lamont

Since the beginning of time, listening to music has been a community experience. The key to truly growing as an artist is connecting with your audience. Activity is key to sustained growth and having a great career. Taking into account several variables such as philanthropic efforts around the city, social media engagement, quantity and quality of shows/performances, frequency of releases (videos + songs), and collaboration efforts, these are the SIX artists whom we think are doing a good job of staying engaged with their audience and active on the music scene.

The 1 – Correy Parks

There always has to be ONE. With this spot, we list who we think is the current face of Columbus hip hop. The 1 has all of the qualities listed in the previous category. They are engaged with their audience, they are putting out quality music, they have the respect of their peers and are making a lot of noise in the city. Everybody wants to be the 1…

The 4 – Vada, Tae Fresh, Bruce Slaughter, Nes Wordz

…and here are the four that are closest to overtaking him/her. The artists that fall under this category have all of the intrinsic qualities that the 1 has. All together the 1 + 4 are five artists that everybody in Columbus should be looking at, in the eyes of FlyPaper.

We Also Have Love For…

Though we did our best to eliminate any bias, it is still subjective. We know that there are going to be people who disagree with it and look forward to having conversations about it. Like it or hate it, let us know! Make sure to  follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Columbus is in a great place sonically. We want you to take the time to listen to all of the other artist making contributions to the hip hop scene here.

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