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Detrooklyn Cover ARt

Amir Obe’s mixtape Detrooklyn, realesed in 2014 is critically acclaimed and features songs “Drugs & Cam’ron,” but Amir also dropped off “Jay Z, Kanye, Esco,” “Hennessy Breath,” and “9 Milli.”

I’ve added a new artist to my rotation. God bless. It feels like heaven every time I stumble across new music. If you want to get past my rambling, just scroll to the bottom and get straight to listening. The project at the end of this post came out August 13, 2015 and is 10 minutes long.

I found him on twitter.

His name is Amir Obe and I found him from twitter. In 2015, there seemsInstagram. Group Think informs us that these platforms are little more then memes, immature jokes, ignorant hot takes, and rehashing the same conversations ($200 dollar dates, Waiting 90 days before having sex, and buying jordans) and to be honest, this perspective is not unfounded. Many of my peers have sworn off all social media considering them a waste of time. Don’t do that. Just, change up your strategy.

I’m an optimist and I believe in self determination: you make your own user experience. I’ll talk about how to do social media right another day, but before I hop off this soap box, I had to make this point: Don’t be afraid to click links from people you’ve never heard of. I am loyal to the people I follow and in turn, they routinely put me on to the new dope. When I find some heat, I’m going to come to FlyPaper and share it with the family.

The projects.

I guess he’s OVO affiliated. I never really cared about affiliations. I mean, I did. But, fuck it I guess. (Props if you catch that reference). Tupac ruined crew affiliations for me. One of my biggest critiques of his discography is that there are too many struggle verses from the Outlawz. I mean, I get it I get it. When you’re successful, you’re supposed to put your people on. But, the pop star co-sign has all but lost all of its authority, for me at least. I mean, DRAKE is dope but OVO tried to tell me that I should be a fan of the Weeknd (in 09), PND and ilovemakonnen too.

One of my followers retweeted a tweet that emphatically endorsed Amir Obe, saying he was up next. I trusted his opinion, so I asked what songs to check out. He told me that “Just Know” was his current favorite. I did a quick google search of Amir’s name and came across “Jay-Z, Kanye, Esco”on a project called Detrooklyn. The devil’s in the details. I’m a sucker for creative titles and these two told me that Amir took time in crafting his. A song referencing Shawn, Ye and Nas in the title was bound to be more then swag rap, trap rap, rapping-about-rapping rap, etc. Also, the Detroit, Brooklyn mash up was intriguing. You can’t judge a book by its cover, but Amir’s cover sure did make checking his raps out, easier. Detrooklyn isn’t at the end of this post, but you should go and look it up.

“Just Know”

“Just Know” is on an EP called Project Housing Can’t Kill Spirit. 30 seconds into “Just Know”, I knew. I took out some paper to record my initial thoughts. Underlined three times were the words “flow” and “production”. Listening to the project was like turning on a mixture of Mixtape-Drake, OG Maco and Travi$ Scott. “Just Know” in particular, immediately made me think of a stripped down “CRWN” from Magna Carta Holy Grail, one of my personal favorites from 2013. I’m not expert in music technology, so I can’t identify the different elements that make up the beat. I just know, I like it. Alot.

Amir’s flow is sophistibasic; sometimes, I make up words when I feel like one doesn’t already exist to express what I want to convey. What it means, is that he employs really straight-forward linear technique, without alot of internal rhyme and other lyrical miracle poetic devices, but it’s still complex and acrobatic enough to keep it from stagnant redundancy.

This ONE song was enough to make me want to go and check more of his music. I later did. Count me a fan, now, Amir Obe.

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