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Before I offer this review, I want to mention that listening to music is subjective. Just because I like something, doesn’t mean that you will & just because I don’t like something, doesn’t mean you won’t like it.  Now onto the review.

The Rocky Start Pays Off

This is my first-time hearing Nes, so I feel like I am unbiased. weGood gets off to a bad start however with the intro “Red Light”. Seriously, if I wasn’t determined to finish the product no matter how it sounded, I would have turned it off there.  The droning and muffled wailing of the sample plus the absolutely awful hook, had me dreading the rest of the project. This is why I am pleasantly surprised at the rest of the project and its quality.

The improvement can be seen on the very next song, “Pay Day” an atmospheric, spacey, track where Nes talks about all the things he’s willing to do in order to get to his money. “Be Witcha”, “Lotto” and “What’s Her Name” offer an interesting contrast in the life of a hip-hop artist.

The first song has Nes talking about how he doesn’t really have the time due to his schedule as an artist while backed by a somewhat minimalist soundscape so the girl who this song is meant for can understand exactly what he’s trying to portray. The second one “Lotto” has our protagonist seemingly switch course while discussing the possible jackpot he may have found in the form of the woman of his dreams. The final song in this “Let me focus on the ladies” portion of the album has Nes, seemingly in an argument with the girl he got with from “Lotto”, asking her why she is worried about outside influences in their new-found relationship.

“I don’t care who you know/I don’t care where you go/Because when the sun gets low/you’re gonna hit my phone”

Nes Can Hit A Mean Groove

Nes really finds his groove on the more spaced out and atmospheric soundscapes, they seem to be the type of beats that work the best with his voice, cadence and flow as seen on “Pay Day”, “Lotto”, “Elevated” and “Maintaining”. At 10 tracks, this project plays out as a quick check in from Nes on how his mindset has changed with his experience. The messages about doing whatever he needs to do to make it, the women that come in and out of his life, and the love he has for the people that have stuck through it all with him come through loud and clear.

In summary, this album grew on me and is something that can be played in the background without your subconscious (or your friend) telling you to turn this off. However, none of his lyrics really stand out to me (both good and bad) but that may be due to how I like lyricism from my rappers.

I feel like he is at his best on the more spaced out sounds because otherwise, the beat can sometimes overwhelm him when it comes to what grabs my attention. Besides another misstep with “anydaynow” (Maybe Nes needs to not sample vintage pop/rock acts on the next project?) the rest of the album boasts quality. It may not be “album of the year” when 2017 comes to a close but this is a solid effort that shows Nes Wordz takes his craft seriously, and that’s all I ask for.

You can find his project, on your favorite streaming service, as well as iTunes.

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3 - Close Your Eyes and Rock Your Head
Hit Play On Lotto, Elevated and Pay Day and enjoy
The Pop and Rock Samples. Red Light and anydaynow
3.2Solid project. Good enough for you to hit play on. Might not be especially noteworthy, but you'll enjoy the listening experience
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