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Sprng Svnteen encompasses the imagery, enriched beats, and transformative flow we’ve grown accustom to and have expected from veteran, Trek Manifest. Yet again, he delivers another solid project to add to his impressive discography.

Like many of Trek’s projects, Sprng Svnteen is for people that despise the emergence of “mumble” rap artists, and praise the talents of the past era’s elite. This project is for people intrigued by wordplay, storytelling, and flow.

Simply, this project is for people that appreciate BARS, and an artist that refuses to compromise his integrity and lyrical substance for the sublime fruits of the limelight. These are all elements the project and Trek obtain, drawing in people enchanted with this elk of “traditional” rap music.

But unlike his past projects, Trek balances the sounds of the mainstream and avoids stepping outside of his artistic bounds. Instead, he embraces the trap-inspired production that’s consumed the current rap sound, and laces it with intricate rhyme patterns and multi-layered flows.

“4Or” is one of these songs, as it’s definitively influenced by rap’s mainstream trap sound. Though Trek typically deviates from this musical wave, he does what he’s done his entire career, finds a pocket of comfort and proceeds to rap his a** off. “4Or” is arguably the album’s hardest song, and one that ultimately brings a different element to the project.

The project’s second track, “2Wo,” reflects the elements that we’ve expect from Trek. The song is brought on by the beat’s infectious sample, which sets the song up with a climatic and stadium-like intro, as he indulges in the art of braggadocio. Trek raps about his standing as an artist and how others are following the steps he’s taken in his storied journey.

The production is amazing and Trek sounds confident, smooth, and assertive. On “Svn,” the album’s closer, Trek defines himself: a man of talent, integrity, and authenticity. Toward the song’s end, there’s a skit that describes Trek as a man between ”show and total supremacy.” And considering the quality of this project, the description couldn’t be more fitting.

What stops it from being ranked in the upper echelon of this year’s projects is the content. There’s not much substance; at times it seems like he’s rapping for rap’s sake. Though there are moments of self-reflection and perspective.

Sprng Svnteen serves as a staple in Trek’s discography, as he creates a project that fuses current musical influences and his style without compromising his artistic ingenuity. His effort may deter some of his core fans’ interest at first. But upon a second and third listen, it’s obvious the project deserves recognition for its musical versatility. The project marks all the checkboxes, appealing to fans of “traditional” rap music and those engulfed in the trap sound that’s consumed the musical landscape.

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4.0 Very good piece of art. A complete project. Among discussion for best projects to come out that year. If you care about the culture, you should be hipped to this.
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