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After hearing Kent for the first time on his collaborative EP with Big James and really enjoying his voice, my editor reached out to me to review his project Frvr Focused. I really enjoyed listening to this EP. As R&B is my favorite genre, I feel like Kent definitely did his thing. Kent has a similar sound of Jaquees and Bryson Tiller, yet still with his own style. With Sean Starks (Sean Don be so focused) producing his fire beats as usual, this project definitely needs to be listened to if you haven’t already.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty and start dissecting some songs. Firstly, I do feel like a lot of the songs sounded the same with a different beat. Not saying I didn’t enjoy it because I did; there just needed to be more versatility and “oomph.” I really rock with “Peach Ciroc,” “Can Be,” “Ride,” and “PSA.” “Peach Ciroc” is definitely my favorite song that I think sets the tone for the EP. I like the fact that Zac Fresh was added on “Can Be.” It was catchy and was different from the rest of the songs. “Ride” was mad smooth and I can’t stop singing it (lol). “PSA” was dope. TrigNO definitely added the flavor that was needed for this EP.

“Hit the Road” wasn’t a favorite of mine. This has Scarface, Mary Jane, and Ashanti’s “Baby” beat on it. I think a lot of it was that the beat and the singing didn’t go together. “Way Back” is another song where I like the beat but didn’t really care for the singing on it. It sounded a little whiney. “No Games” sounded more like it should have been another interlude. “Global” really needed to be longer. It had the “oomph” I’ve been looking for. Add a rapper on it and you got an upbeat song to help the EP flow. And I was so surprised that it ended so quickly.

Overall, I think putting a 12 track EP out is a major deal. I really think there needs to be some more “oomph,” though. Again, a lot of the songs sounded the same with a different beat. Listening to that many songs with the same groove gets boring. Maybe some more upbeat songs would help when having such a long EP……for future reference. “Focused” was the perfect song that could have been a little more upbeat. Being that it was the name of the EP, that would have been a perfect spin to have it sound different as far as singing. The beat was different with the added inspiration at the beginning, but it was just missing something to have it stand out.

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