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The untitled third project by singer Kent is an R&B “Dreams and Nightmares” with If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late style production. Released in September and streaming on SoundCloud, the project takes a few pages from a few 90s R&B tracks and has Kent at his most hopeful.

From jump, the project’s into “For Life (YNFTC)” shows some love to Columbus the way only its artists can. The “Young Nigga From The City” is out to “make ends meet” and feed his family. It’s a dream many of us have, giving weight to the project’s relatability.

The motivational “Riding Music,” “Loft Freestyle” and the project’s outro paint a picture of Kent that hasn’t seen much light. He’s ambitious and hungry, and on the verge of making a big name for himself. Having a conversation with him may give you a clue, but songs like “Mission Statement” make that particularly clear: “I overdosed on ambition and took a shot at my chances / No time for babysitting / I just get the money and I stacked it higher / Walked in came out that guy, yeah.”

Kent’s not just preaching, but making sure everyone has a good time. On “Get Lit” he lends his voice for the kickback: “No more Cha-Chas or Electric Slides / We just vibin’ out and gettin’ high.”

Kent’s third project is infectious, largely because of the 90s R&B samples. Aaliyah’s “Street Thing” and “I’m Down” on “She Say” and “Swing My Way,” respectively, and a few others on “Get Lit” give the project instant replay value, something albums have a hard time of achieving nowadays.

Despite my early comparisons, it’s hard to link this project to anything out right now. Kent’s diversified a lane for himself that just barely has similarities to today’s R&B, a true sentiment to this project’s production, and Kent’s ambition.

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