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Fathers Day…Most men will receive the usual tie from their children. If he’s really lucky they’ll take him out to eat to his favorite restaurant. If you leave it up to most children, they will come to the conclusion that Dad doesn’t want us to make such a fuss over him anyway. Why would they think any different? After all, he’s not like mom that carried us and bonded with us for 9 months. He’s a lot harder on us than mom is, with very little sensitivity. It’s mom that is usually the one to greet us when we scrape our knee. When we have complexed questions about life, his choice words are always “Go ask your mother.” I’m not saying all fathers are uninvolved and detached, but what I am saying is that the role of the father has always been misunderstood.

Granted we live in a world where there are a lot of absentee fathers, especially in the urban community. However, I was reading something interesting by John Murphy in his essay Fathers are Underrated and he quotes Dr. Wade F Horn says, “For far too long, American society has perpetuated the myth that fathers are the best superfluous and at worst dangerous, to the well being of their children.” This brought me to the realization (without too much bias) that fathers really do catch a bad rap.

What gender is the one that’s always supposed to be in control of their emotions? In a divorce, unless the mother is proven severely unstable who is generally awarded funds for living support for her and the children? In a domestic dispute who is generally the one arrested and taken to jail? In a break up, who is the family mostly likely to come to the aid for emotional support? What gender is most understood when they are unemployed? READ MORE

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