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Bobby Biz has been workin’

After the success of City Savior last August, he’s taken a brief hiatus. That’s about to change though, because he’s locked in and ready to go.

FlyPaper caught up with Bobby Biz to talk new music, and whether he’ll stay Bobby Biz for long.

I know you’re planning on recording a ton of music throughout the year. What’s the motivation behind that?

Just life experiences, love, money, seeing the world growing from where I was to who I’m becoming, and a lot of emotions.

What’s your goal in recording and dropping some of these tracks?

To grow a bigger fan base. So I can inspire the [people] and make good music because making music is when I’m the happiest. So when I hear myself it makes me feel good. Just knowing I can paint a picture with my words.

How will these translate into upcoming projects? Like will these be loose tracks, or eventually a complete project?

Some singles. Couple [little] surprise packs such as EPs & stuff. Collab projects, one or two mixtapes this year. Visuals all year. That’s my plan. Going Digital!!!!

I also understand you’re not going by Bobby Biz anymore, can you talk about why you made the name change?

Nah. Lol. It’s Bobby Biz forever, I just got multiple names. Biz, Bobby Busine$$. And $$ all the same. Just you might get a [little] more cocky feel from $$’s or Big Busine$$, but Biz & Bobby Biz might be [a little] bit more smoother. & chill. OG Type Shit lol.

Lastly, when can we expect the next release?

Anytime. Maybe tomorrow. Next week. Next month. Next year. Lol. I’m just dropping when I feel the time is right since the music is there. Ima just let em rip when it’s time.

Check out Bobby Biz’s latest track, “Interest” with Trap Wood and DJ TOPGUN, produced by Elliott Trent and Sean Starks.

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