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If you weren’t in attendance for the Black Women Deserve to Be Admired (BWDTBA) event held at the Wild Goose Creative this past Sunday night, you missed quite a showing.

Orchestrated by OSU alumnae Gabrielle Davis and Saibrea Bogan, BWDTBA was a showcase that highlighted Columbus’ Black women, their stories, and their unique individual talents. Artistic expression was certainly on full display Sunday, as the venue was decked out in a myriad of art displays from the various women: ranging from paintings, to drawings, to even modeling photos. Also plastered on the walls of the venue were black and white pictures of some of the featured ladies, along with a brief 1-2 paragraph bio of how they describe themselves and personally reflect on their individual upbringings.

Guests observing bios

Guests observing and reading the bios of the featured women

A couple of the featured women also performed original poetic pieces for the audience. The poems focused on some of the challenges that young black women face such as feelings of inadequacy and lack of self-love, and how to overcome such obstacles. These pieces acted as a means of setting the overlying tone for the event: the notion that Black women are strong, magnificent beings that, despite being faced with obscene adversity from all facets of life, always manage to find a way to not only survive, but to thrive and shine in a system that is built against them.

Kamaria T. and Haven N.

A couple of the featured women: Kamaria Thomas (left) and Haven Noble (right)

Music was provided by Lil Ratchet $oul, a well-known DJ in the city, who was on the 1’s and 2’s for the entirety of the event and was able to fill the room with nice, chill vibes as she seamlessly transitioned from one track to the next. As if the showcased art, poetic performances, and excellent playlist weren’t enough, free food was also served to all attendees – and not just finger food, but actual dinner: baked chicken, greens, corn, and other savory items. The dinner was supplied by Gabby’s parents themselves, who drove all the way from Chicago in support of their daughter and the event as a whole. Cake and water were also served free of charge; and if one felt like loosening up a bit, cups of either red or white wine were also sold for merely a dollar.

Bri Photo

One of FlyPaper’s very own, Bri, was also one of the featured women of the night!


All in all, the event was undoubtedly a complete success. The turn-out was tremendous, almost even overwhelming (in a good way!), as the venue was filled to the brim with people from the back of the room all the way up to the door. The food was great, the atmosphere was amazing, and the featured women of the night all came out looking beautiful and expressed both themselves and their crafts in proud, unapologetic fashion. This just goes to show that you don’t have to look on TV or watch movies to witness Black Girl Magic, it’s already right in front of you. Hopefully this event marks just the beginning, and is only the first BWDTBA showcase of many more to come.

(To keep up with Black Women Deserve to Be Admired, or check out more photos from the event, be sure to follow them via Instagram @BWDTBA)

Full shot of crowd

A full shot of the mass that was present at the showcase


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