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With temperatures in Columbus quickly rising to high 70’s and 80’s this summer and instantly being washed out by rain it was hard to decide what to wear. Trust me I know. I too, am someone who struggles to wrap my mind around my summer wardrobe every year, but the trends that we saw leave the runway and hit the most popular retail chains and even our local stores made it a little easier.

This definitely was the summer of miniskirts for a lot of women; a classic silhouette that accentuates the waist and legs. Whether it’d be classic/distressed denim, leather, vinyl or corduroy (yes, I said corduroy), miniskirts were in full effect. Pairing the perfect skirt with an open white button down, rock band graphic tees, a cropped sweater (on the cooler days of course), vans or even a heeled bootie to complete the look.

And how could I forget the off the shoulder tops that became a hot commodity this summer? They were everywhere. Many may look at these as the next level up from a tube top, but the various styles and prints of the off the shoulder top made these a want for almost everyone. This look comes in casual stripes, prints and solids, billowing sleeves and dresses and jumpsuits if you want to go a step further.


Every retailer carries them from Forever 21, to Nordstrom to Saint Laurent. You can literally find them anywhere and if you don’t care to buy a new shirt, be like me and make a makeshift version. If you own a button up shirt drape it off your shoulders and button it as far as you can (shout out to whoever thought of this trick).

These tops can be paired with high waist denim, wide legged pants, and of course a mini skirt. Please don’t forget to pair it with the correct bra or no bra at all; it’s your choice ladies.

Now I know most ladies are trying to find that perfect selfie lighting or highlight to give them just the right glow, but if you really wanted to glow this summer yellow was for you. Although the Pantone Color of the Year was Green, yellow sparked in pleated shorts and skirts, cropped wide leg pants, matching separates and flowing dresses (is Beyonce’ to blame?). Yellow was definitely the color to make your skin tone pop, giving anyone who wore a variation a bronzing look. Don’t throw this fun color to the back of your closet just because summer is coming to a close, fall welcomes all those mustard color tops (but we’ll save that for another day).


So moving a long what’s more important than shoes? Block heels, mules, platforms and designer slides strutted their way into our closets. While Fenty slides sold out everywhere, brands like Michael Kors and Steve Madden introduced designer slides that could be dressed up or down. Designers got creative with block heels and mules adding fringe, pearls, fun patterns and perplex (everyone is into perplex).

So now you see ladies, don’t be like me and panic when summer is on its way and you’re unsure what to fill your closet with, the options are endless and don’t get rid of this years wardrobe find a way to revamp it for the next heat wave.

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