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Mill Street Blues
Names: Andre Scott, Brian Peters, John Henry Hill
Genre: Blues

I decided to switch things up a little bit and do a genre we don’t usually cover. I am featuring a Blues band for this month’s article. Mill Street Blues is a band of three guys: André Scott, Brian Peters and John Henry Hill. They got together as a band in May 2016. John Henry and Brian both sing, while André plays the drums. The band performs their own, original music along with covers of past blues songs.

Brian is more of the upbeat singer while John Henry is a mellow singer that will get you in your feelings. Every Saturday, you can catch them playing at Barrel and Boar in Gahanna. On September 1st, they will be playing at the Veil Bar at Scioto Downs. Some other places you can catch them playing are Brews Brothers at Scioto Downs, Beer Barrel and Brew in Hilliard, at the Creekside Jazz festival in Gahanna, Pipes and Pleasures, Weasel Boy Brewing Company in Zanesville, and Pigskin in Gahanna. This year around their anniversary they decided to make their first CD. Be on the lookout for this, as it should be out soon. You can also look them up on Facebook at Mill Street Blues.

When did you all start as a group together?
May 2016

When did each of you start doing music?
Brian: In 2011, I had an empty nest and needed to do something.
John Henry: In 1971
André: I started beating on desks when I was 8 so 41 years.

What all instruments can you guys play?
John Henry: Harmonica, tambourine, drums, guitar, keys, bass. Brian likes to write music

Who were some of your music influencers?
Brian: Mother, Sonny Boy Williamson, Little Walter, Ronny Milsap, Don Williams, Freddy Fender
Andre: Any person that has picked up an instrument that is Country, Blues, R&B and Jazz has been an influencer all my life.
John Henry: Everything I’ve ever heard. Can’t deny any of it or claim one thing. Just to name a few: Grandpa, Al Green, Angus Young, AC/DC, Merle Haggard, ZZ Top.

What’s the best part about performing?

All: Performing and getting to play.
Brian: I don’t ever get embarrassed. I can mess up and still be myself. I’m doing what I would say 90-95 percent of people can’t get up and do. We’re able to connect with everybody with that one song and can put all differences aside from other people’s views.
John Henry: You get to be your best part.

What’s some advice you could give other bands and performers?
All: Don’t quit playing. Play as much and as often as you can. Play because you love it. Stick with it. Have fun and be true to your artistry. Try to write your own material and be yourself. Do what you do and find your lane.


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