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Fresh off a series of recent performances throughout the Columbus rap circuit, OG Vern decided to present his skills in front of a different crowd. At an event held on November 26th at The Summit by Daniel Cudney of Columbus hardcore metal band Bonehead and including acts such as Yogi Split, Minority Threat and others, OG Vern was face to face with a range of metal fans, proving his musical duality.

While the audience was not what you’d expect for a rap performance, they also seemed well aware of the 19 year-old rapper’s growing notoriety. Getting into the flow of the night, OG Vern languidly rhymed over production by Erykah Badu (‘Back in the Day’) and Madvillain (‘Rainbows’). Backed by his close-knit clique and a graphic projection of his name, OG Vern became a rock star in his own right, performing crowd favorites such as ‘Jerome Bettis’ and even introducing his new music video ‘Lucky’.

His performance did not go without fanfare as he energetically bounced and mingled with the with the crowd throughout the night, even calling one audience member “psychic” as they seemed to already be familiar with his set at previous performances. As the event raised over $1,000 in protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline, OG Vern attracted a new audience to his already-growing base.

“Jumped into this rap shit and still ain’t took no losses.” Even in his prime, OG Vern has the reigns to become a Columbus staple without skipping a beat.

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