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*Record scratch* *freeze frame* I’d like to take you on a journey back through time to a place much simpler, yet so complex. Let me welcome you to the world of the Redo. If you’ve ever seen “The Get Down” on Netflix then you may have some sort of idea where this may be going. The love of DJing and the appreciation for the origins of the craft, were the catalyst behind the origin of this monthly event.

At a function, it is always the responsibility of the DJ to move the crowd and to appeal to the current interests of the audience. The Redo puts the power of choice back into the DJ’s hands. Brought to you by the creative minds of DJ Rich Nyce, DJ D-boogie of the Alliance DJs, and later the Usual Suspects, this event seeks to get back to that raw essence of hip-hop. No computers, no advanced technology, straight vinyl. Throughout the night, you may hear anywhere between four to ten dj’s all spinning their favorite records while organically orchestrating the crowd to move to their sounds. Usually appealing to a 30+-year-old crowd, there has been an increasing number of twenty-something’s taking an interest of this pastime of hip-hop. This may be one thing that the current generation has regularly missed out on in the music world. The snap, crackle, and pop of a vinyl recording being manipulated by a skilled craftsman who has spent hours upon days upon years perfecting his art and honing his skills on a turntable. “There’s something about the sound of a vinyl record. The texture is something I can’t seem to find in digital sound,” reports DJ Rich Nyce. The frequent attendees of this event have even dubbed themselves as #RedoSnobs, distinguishing themselves as those who love the art of DJing as compared to those who love music. They take pride in rummaging through a record store looking for those exclusives, or educating themselves on the history of a record or the acquirement of a certain sound. Rich Nyce said “Everyone has access to the same music via the internet these days. You may look up in astonishment from hearing a record no one else has been able to find or one that you deemed lost to posterity.“

Originally starting at venues such as Garage Bar and Scarlet and Grey Café, compared to current day at Avalon, the Redo has gradually grown from 2010 to the present day, picking up more and more of a following as the years went on. Highlighting the vinyl era of hip-hop, the creatives still believe in the art of record collecting. You may walk in and see stacks upon stacks of crates all filled with vinyl’s old and new. Looking through their respective crates, if you know your music you may see something rare to the same effect as an exclusive pair of Jordan’s in mint condition. “How’d you get that?” as your jaw smacks the ground. The various dj’s don’t always keep it straight hip-hop either. Some have delved into the realm of house music and other genres.

For this month’s Redo, on July 23rd from 5pm – 10pm at Avalon, you will hear the sounds of DJ JRawls, DJ Mr. King, DJ Rich Nyce, DJ Krate Digga, DJ Beat Bangaz, DJ, Pos2, and DJ Prime. Admission is free; the kitchen will be open serving all of your Avalon favorites as well as various drink specials. Come to party, come to dance, and come prepared to step into an environment to thoroughly enjoy yourself free of any inhibitions.

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