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double exposure
Written by The Dutch Contact promoteme88@gmail.com –

When the emulsion is set just right; not too deep and not too shallow, two negatives can come together and create the perfect illusion of something so undeniably real yet never really existed. Sometimes there is simple gratification in knowing that it could happen; the thrill lies in believing it possible and thriving to see it done.

So in the dark room of my mind I go through the cinematography and photographs to develop collages, motion pictures and images. I collect sunsets that meet the shorelines and mesh them with tree branches that willow in the moonlight and ask myself: Where does the sunset meet the moon on the shoreline? That’s where I’m headed!

Sometimes I find the image of the perfect storm and align it with the budding of a new plant. It always comes down to making something great out of something unseen and making something seen out of something impossible.

I never run out of things to grab and put together. They aren’t always flawless and just like in life, they may not always be the most pleasant, but they always fit together like they were designed for each other.

There will always be the languishing shots, the films where things just didn’t come together right but then there are those days where you are in sync and everything just flows. It won’t always be like that, and you can’t live life only chasing the positive moments, so in the meantime you have to work with the negatives you have. Double exposure. Make life what you want it to be.

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