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On this episode of TTDB we welcome back Storm from a brief absence, and get to talking about…. boat size! LOL Not sure why this is a topic but a lengthy discussion happened. We also got into H&M, Cardi B, and if Malcolm likes being a hot boy.
This episodes featured song is “Truly Yours 2” by Tobilla check it out!

1:00 Peen talk
5:00 Meat Wallets
13:50 The Face is Different 😶
16:00 Smelly balls
20:30 New Resolutions
25:00 Storm’s Orange Soda FOMO
31:15 Music Break: Tobilla – Truly Yours 2
34:00 Jay Z videos
34:40 H&M controversy, and manufactured offensiveness
46:30 Cardi B getting cheated on and making ultimatums
50:30 Malcolm’s Dad
51:40 Hot Boy shit
59:00 More Malcolm Ex Talk
1:04:00 Promos & Events
1:05:00 Procreating

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