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On this episode of ….To The Drummers Beat the crew (minus Storm) sit down with Karris and Cia Wink to talk about a variety of topics. We discuss things like The Grammys, OU vs OSU, Karris’ first experience at Orange Soda, defining the Flavor Saver and more!
This episodes featured song is “Period” by Bobby Biz check that out!

2:25 Jay Z Got Robbed
7:05 OS3 and Bringing The Ex’s Together
13:05 “You Got Something In You”
14:05 Bern By Popular Demand
18:05 OU vs OSU
22:05 Texas de Brazil
24:05 Fest’s at OU
28:50 Kendrick Lamar saved Karris’s Life
30:05 Single Moms Ready To Get Married
30:35 Music Break – Bobby Biz, “Period”
32:40 Karris and Cia Review Orange Soda
45:00 Karris Wants Smoke?
47:45 Curving at OS
52:25 Flavor Saver
58:00 OS Had The Hits
1:07:45 The Karris & Cia Show
1:08:30 OS Dos and Donts
1:15:15 Destiny’s Stepchild & The Lil Bernies

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Instagram: @churchonthedrums @eh_kees @djbern @theconcreteros3
Snapchat: @eh_kees @djbern @lee_ray32

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