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On this episode of …To The Drummers Beat we invite special guest Reva as we talk about Orange Soda 4 from the outside and the inside, as well as Netflix specials, date nights, men drinking wine, sugar daddies, Rick Ross and more! This episodes featured song is “Lifestyle” by Kvng Shad check that out for sure!

3:25 Rick Ross and Fake Social Media News
7:20 pine Sol Wings & Fries
8:10 otw Etiquette
9:45 Bern’s Second Birthday
10:35 OS4 at Capacity
19:15 House Party
23:15 Date Nights
24:35 White Man’s Meat
26:05 Dating and Gifts
28:40 Sugar Daddies?
29:45 Music Break
32:30 Getting Flown Out
37:00 🌽🌽🌽
37:50 What We’re Listening To
39:50 Verified ✔️
42:20 The Cool
46:50 “Do Men Drink Wine?”
47:45 Four Brothers
49:10 Netflix Comedy Specials
50:00 Monique and Doing Numbers
1:05:45 Issa Giveaway?

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