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On this episode of …To The Drummers Beat we are joined by Mikeisha and Chevonne to talk about the most random, unrelated topics ever; OTR2, Orange Soda 4 (and 5?), Waffle House vs White Castle, Breadwinners, Celibacy, etc….. a mixed bag, per usual
This episodes featured song is “Shoobies” by P Blackk off his new project “I Hope You’re Doing Well” be sure to check that out in full, its def in the Project of the Year convo!

1:30 “My Friends Call Me Ernest” 😒
4:40 Impugn, Swagoo, and other SAT words
9:40 OTR2
13:40 Orange Soda 5
19:05 The Intervention
23:40 Sacrifice in the Face of Adversity
25:30 Mikeisha Reviews Orange Soda
34:40 Waffle House
36:35 Music Break: P Blackk – Shoobies
38:20 P Blackk – I Hope You’re Doing Well
38:30 Centennial Gang
40:30 Wolves and Sheeps (Hard vs Soft)
47:15 Breadwinners
51:10 Beyoncé Hot Take *alerts BeyHive*
53:55 Promise Rings
56:15 Celibacy
1:01:00 Plan B and C
1:04:00 FPMxTTDB Giveaway

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