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On this episode of …To The Drummers Beat Bern, Eh Kees, and Nichole sit down with special guest Alexia Winfield to talk about the Columbus Book Project, which is a collection of creative works from Columbus creatives put into two full college coffee table books. We discuss the book, the identity of Columbus, as well as other topics including Fabulous and DV, The Weeknd, themed parties, and more!
This episodes featured song is “Lemonheads” by Joey Aich featuring Billie Mitchell. Check that out!

1:00 Grass Ain’t Greener
6:25 Fabolous
12:10 DV Double Standard?
14:30 My Dear Melancholy,
16:55 Hidden Song Meanings
19:40 Themed Parties
21:15 First Listen
22:55 “The Weeknd’s Trash Now?”
24:20 Tonal Talk
26:35 Musical Peer Pressure
27:40 *Another Beyoncé Hot Take*
29:56 Music Break: Joey Aich – “Lemonheads” feat. Billie Mitchell
38:55 Alexia Winfield with The Columbus Book Project
46:00 Purchasing the Book
47:55 “What Do Love About Columbus?”
49:35 Columbus’ Identity
51:05 Columbus Collabs
57:00 Defining Columbus
1:07:40 Coffee Table Books
1:09:00 The Gospel of Bow Wow

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