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I gotta raise the bar that your favorite won’t lift. Ask Sean Don who’s the second most focused.

2017 was a very active year for TrigNO. Between guest appearances on several different projects, putting together dance dungeons, performing on downtown rooftops and putting out his own tape with Sean Starks, Trig was everywhere.

In 2018, it doesn’t look like he has plans of slowing down. On New Years Day, he dropped a 2-song EP called “4tunately” produced by The Dreamcatchers. On the first track TheDifference, Trig urgently raps about what pushes him to keep striving for new levels, detailing what makes him different from other artists. Also on 4tunately, Trig finally put out the oft-teased LuxBucket, a song that he’s had in his arsenal for at least 6 months. It’s a nostalgic trip down memory lane remembering the days when he enjoyed the luxury of having fewer responsibilities.

As we’ve come to expect from Trig, he delivers with the bars. Both songs feature smooth production from The Dreamcatchers, and are bound to have you nodding your head and rocking back and forth in your seat. Check out 4tunately below and be on the lookout for TrigNO and The Dreamcatchers as they continue to apply pressure and put out quality music.

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