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“Got laid off, made a couple songs / Any vision I had’s long gone / If you don’t understand what you’re going through / Then I made this all for you”

At the release party for his new EP Coming Of Age, DevinXo gave a performance that called for three encores. Listening to the project in full, it has the same affect.

Coming Of Age describes an introspective journey into adulthood, mental health and love. At six songs, the EP includes the previously released singles “Free Your Soul,” and “Social Anxiety.”

Diamond Browne makes an appearance on the track “You’re In Love” and on background vocals on a few tracks alongside Greg Owens and NyQuinn, most audibly on “Shower” and “Fly Away.” With elements of live instrumentation and a generally upbeat and positive vibe, the project includes many of the elements that made the live performance of the EP so enjoyable.

Listen to Coming Of Age below via SoundCloud, and on all streaming services.

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