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“Picnics at Alum Creek / Listening to Alum Creek / Trying to get my mind in sync / Water proof that life’s a beach / When you get pulled under, tell me, will you drown or drink?”

– Matthew Vaughn, “Downs + Ups”

Alum Creek Surf Team has produced for rapper Ceezar and poet Matthew Vaughn, and now he’s here with a project of his own, Summer Demo Pt. 1.

The project is two tracks, “Downs + Ups” with Vaughn and Yogi Split, and “Luv The Scenery” with Tobilla. ACST’s airy and light production suits all three artists well, in part because the production allows there rhymes to flourish, front and center.

Here’s hoping there’s more to come from the producer/DJ. Stream Alum Creek Surf Team’s Summer Demo Pt. 1 below.

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