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Model, Actress, Business woman, and mother, these are just some of the hats that Eva Marcille wears. Eva has truly flourished throughout the years, from her victory on Top Model to breaking in the acting world, and starting her own eyewear line.  As Eva prepares to host the Klassic man event, March 31st, here in Columbus, FlyPaper caught up with her on everything from her growth from Top Model, what a makes a Klassic man, her go to poses and more.

From America’s Top Model to now an actress and entrepreneur (First Ave Eyewear), your brand has evolved tremendously over the years. How have you managed to expand and transition your brand professionally as you grow and evolve personally

Eva: I think that’s a two part situation: I have a great team… I keep a close team. But I don’t have it all down. I’ve learn a lot along the way, through mentors. Starting from Top Model and beyond. I’m able to learn from other people’s mistakes.  When I really love something I am focused.

In keeping with the theme of “Klassic man” how would describe your personal style and what makes it classic?

See, two things make my style classic: one, that it’s unique, its not something you see all the time. An example is Aubrey Hepburn, who has something that every time you see it you know it’s her. Also, what makes my style classic is that it is timeless. It’s something you can plop into any era and it is appropriate and it fits.

Describe your “Klassic Man”

A classic man to me is with substance, morals, vision and ideas. A man with a sense of self and confidence. That is what a classic man is to me.

The “Klassic Man” event is all about style. Now more than ever black women are embracing their authentic style and serving their own unique form of #Blackgirlmagic. Whats your advice to women who have yet to define their personal style and what’s “classic” for them?

We put too much pressure on ourselves with social media, with needing to be fabulous all the time and needing to have a natural fashion sense and just be an expert in everything. I think that’s not the case, I think for young people, if you’re looking for your sense of style, do what makes you happy. Try to stay classy: that would mean covered up, not as provocative as one can be. But do what makes you happy, if you like to mix match.. if you like monochromatic, then do that.

For older women, women of a certain age, if you have yet to find your personal style or what makes you classic, the smartest thing you can truly do is lean to another friend who does have a great sense of style and ask her for help. I think we worry too much about what we should know and what we should be able to do, versus honing in and encouraging ourselves on what we know how to do and make that better. So if you’re someone who just doesn’t have a natural personal style or natural sense of style, that’s normal. It’s not an abnormal thing. In a group of friends there’s usually maybe, one or two who are super stylish. Then the rest of the women have great attributes to bring to the table, but personal style might not be one.

You rose to fame at a time when Instagram was not around. What are your thoughts on the “Instagram model” and people, particularly women, finding fame and attention just from social media?

I think social media is a two part situation…I definitely started in this business before social media, digital cameras, and all of that stuff. So I’ve definitely seen it evolved. I think two things: A. I think social media has opened up an opportunity for people who otherwise would never have an opportunity, such as top model for me, giving people a platform. For that I think it’s fabulous. From our pages that talk about our melanated skin, to talking about our natural hair, to talking about our cultural garb. I think those things really help self-promote us as a black people, and help give us a sense of pride.

And as far as IG models are concerned, definitely not hating on them because they are out there figuring out how to monetize it. You have people on Instagram putting up pictures and advertising products for different companies and they’re not getting paid for it. But IG models have figured out how to monetize that, so I think that’s awesome.  What I would like to say as far as Instagram is concern and the models when it comes to young people who are very impressionable, is that I feel like that while it’s totally fine to have pages that are attributed to the aesthetic beauty of women, I think there should we should have equal pages that deal with the inner beauty women also. And so where I have no problem promoting the outward beauty of people, I think the inward beauty needs to be emphasize just as much.

What is next for Eva Marcille?

Well my biggest venture to date, besides from having a child (Marley), would be my eyewear company. I have a new eyewear line, it’s called First Ave by Eva Marcille. I’m super excited about it. The name of the line, I think speaks to a lot of the inspiration. It’s actually the name of the first corporation, I incorporated years ago called First Ave. And First Ave, is Eva backwards, And the reason I did that is I took a deliberate stand to put myself first in my own life. Not to prioritize other people or other ideas, but to prioritize myself in all. When it came to this eyewear line, it was exactly that. I’m not trying to fit into a mold of what should be but rather presenting to the world who I am.

What are your top “go-to poses”?

You can never lose with a smile. Less is more. The world kind of got a taste of me, and I’m a big personality. But when it comes to things like posing and fashion, less is usually more, it’s just a rule of thumb. So when it goes to poses I guess there’s an idea of what you think a model is and what a model s. It’s simple, it a hanger, it’s someone who wears clothes well. So my go to pose would be a smile.

Make sure to come check out Eva Marcille at Klassic Man: the party experience, this Friday March 31st  at the Athenaeum.

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