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Things may get spooky on “Rebel’s Night” which takes place this Friday, October 27, 2017 at Art Outside The Lines (485 E Livingston Ave, Columbus, OH 43215) from 8pm -11pm. Creative and creator of Little Ol’ Cupcakes (@LITTLEOLCUPCAKES), Queen Jami partners with MouF (Manifesting OUr Future: MOUFWORLDWIDE) Worldwide to bring all rebel’s of the night together for food, music, and good energy.

“Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to celebrate Halloween”, Queen Jami (@QJUICE) said. “I wanted to do this to allow people to build relationships and gather resources.” With an emphasis on all five senses being stimulated for the evening, rebel’s of the night include food made and coordinated by Shan’s Kitchen (SHANSKITCHEN01), TrigkNOw (@TRIGKNOW) will stop through to rock the crowd with the raps along with OG Vern (@OGGASBAGSS), Ren will be showcasing their artwork while MouF will have merchandise available for purchase and there’ll be much more!

“I want people to know that Little Ol’ Cupcakes is here to stay!”

While Queen Jami is also a part of Maroon Arts Group’s event coordination, she plans to coordinate many similar events to Rebel’s Night. “This is Lil Ol Cupcakes first event but I want to put on future charity events with food for the low and so [everyone] can expand and get bigger. I also want people to be open-mined.”, she said. $10 includes entry, a plate of food (first come, first served), and 2 cupcakes while $20 includes the aforementioned plus two stickers and a discount coupon for a future order of a dozen cupcakes. “[Being a rebel] to me means fighting against societal norms to fully embrace who you want to be. Embracing your true authenticity is a form of rebellion.”-Queen Jami


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