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The Smallest Stones Make the Largest Waves.

Waves don’t die, the Shindig aimed to create a shift in Columbus night life culture. I-Vision, the curator of the event set out to bring exposure to the underground hip hop scene in Columbus, as well as having a platform for artists to sell merchandise. The Shindig was supposed to be a different experience than the average hip-hop show experience, it was an event to bring people together with dancing, different genres of music and creating an experience to bring people together.

I was excited to see what would come from an event with different dynamics to create a different scene here in Columbus. I was expecting high energy and people coming together to have a good time. However, with the turnout I found myself wondering if this was the wave that would shift the culture. With so many shows in Columbus involving hip-hop it is hard to stand out the way the Shindig planned to.

Issa Wave: The Shindig. May 23rd. 8pm. @skullysmusicdiner

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A few artists to mention that caught my attention were Bhad Waiz from the GRG crew, Fresh Lifted, Robbe, and an artist with an interesting name: “Goofy”. Throughout the show, someone you may hear every day on the radio 106.7 the beats DJ Mally Mall played hype tracks to keep the show moving in-between sets. Artists were greeted by a small, but enthusiastic crowd who were excited to support their favorite artists, rapping all the words as if they were on stage as well.

The swap meet didn’t happen unfortunately, but the plan to bring people together and get them moving to good music outweighed anything else. Skully’s is a staple in the Columbus hip-hop community and added to the vibe the Shindig was going for. Overall some of the elements the show aimed to execute could be worked on, a few tweaks and this could be the show that shifts the way shows in the city are done.

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