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Columbus Native, Xiao Mei, birthed Style Me Nude blog (SMN) in December 2015 to share her raw thoughts, naked opinions, and real experiences to encourage people of all ethnicities and genders. SMN is designed as an outlet for three (3) main categories: naked thoughts, local artists, and inspiration. Xiao Mei publishes daring topics most would be afraid to discuss and provides inspiration or advice for various situations.

For The Culture

Xiao Mei utilizes her blog as a platform for local artists to display their creative work. She is highly involved within the Columbus art community by providing monthly features, working collaboratively with various talents, and promotes talent. Xiao believes Style Me Nude will invite artists to be innovative, maintain fresh ideas, and offer like-minded people that will help support and build the Columbus art community.

Creating Style Me Nude

Uplifting others versus being uplifted is what inspired Xiao Mei to release Style Me Nude. She wanted to offer a diverse outlook on various topics she’s experienced or believes should be discussed, in hopes to inspire and encourage others. She receives satisfaction when at least one person who reads her blog is inspired to become greater than their yesterday.

The Future

Style Me Nude is based in Columbus, Ohio but looks forward to expanding in other cities within Ohio once Xiao establishes a creative team.

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