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The very first #KarrisCrushWednesday goes out to the very deserving and downright gorgeous Dina Ballard. Dina is a recent graduate of The Ohio State University (I know how you people get about that three letter article).

At just 22 years old, Dina is building her personal brand and as a direct result, an empire. ByDinaMichele was one of the most popular twitter topics this summer due to Dina’s carefully crafted and intricate crocheted tops that proved to be the fashion craze of the year.

Dina’s handmade tops were spotted throughout Columbus as pictures and testimonials of her work flooded timelines. What may have perhaps given Dina her extra boost of popularity was the brilliant photos that dazzled social media, photos shot by Dina herself because, staying true to form of black girl magic, she is also a photographer.

Dina shoots any and everything from her own product line to events to grad photos and gives every photo captured the same attention to detail as she does every crocheted loop in her tops.

Dina’s ultimate goal is to succeed in such a way that not only benefits herself, but allows her to give back to the communities and programs that have gotten her to where she is today. Dina is truly a role model and for that, she is definitely my crush of the day! So show her some love and help me share her story. Follow @bydinamichele, support black business, is supporting black communities, black children, and black culture as a whole so be sure to reach out to Dina today!

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