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Street Poetry in Motion

First, take Spoken Word and syncopate it into a Midwest chopper’s flow. Now, unhinge it all in G-funk, Jazz & Soul while anchoring it in a blend of Trap Soul and Boom-Bap. Lastly, lace the entire thing in lyricism straight from the heart of a true Ohio boy. Are you as excited as we are yet?

A true Columbus native, and one of the pillars in the Rawest 4mation, Dirty Quan Geno (or D.Q.G.) delivers in spades. His debut project The Consequence of Thought can be already be enjoyed here. But now, the king is returning to document his ascent with November Reign.

“Swift dreams, high fashion, rollin’ blunts up in the studio, wild nights in this city of mine.
I hope the competition take it personal.”   – Dirty Quan Geno, Enigma

A fitting follow-up to The Consequence of Thought, November Reign seeks to document D.Q.G.’s life up until now as a means to illuminate the truths he has learned about himself and the world along the way. As he weaves the story through his experiences and decisions, both good and bad, it all culminates until there can be no more questions as to why or how the king has received his crown.

Listeners can anticipate features from other members of Rawest 4mation including TrigNO and Miir, as well as other local artists and producers such as The Dreamcatchers. November Reign will be available on Soundcloud and all other streaming platforms November 23rd.

But don’t just take our word for it, D.Q.G. has released two singles off of the tape leading up to it’s release. Listen to More to Life (produced by The Dreamcatchers) and Enigma below.

Click to hear Enigma (Prod. By L. Williams) by Dirty Quan Geno
Click to hear More To Life (Prod. By The Dreamcatchers) by Dirty Quan Geno


Contact Dirty Quan Geno

Instagram: @QuizzleQuan

Twitter: @DirtyQuanGeno

Soundcloud: @DirtyQuanGeno

For booking and features: dirtyquangeno90@gmail.com




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