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Looking at these girls, praying that they do stop. Think they got they wires crossed when I said they could not. – FreshFly, Kei to the City Cypher

You’ve seen her hats on many of your favorite Columbus artists and creatives, while you’ve seen her performing everywhere from Project 90 to 129 Studios. Maybe you heard her on The Sam Rothstein Show, or was it the Kei to the City Cypher? Or maybe you’ve heard about her community service efforts through The Break Bread Project organization with Sundaze 614. There’s plenty of ways to know about FreshFly, and we’re ready to shine a spotlight on why.

Columbus culture is blessed with a thriving presence of women in the talent pool from singers to poets and MCs, that group seems to be growing at a more and more rapid rate. Within that vibrantly blossoming collective, FreshFly is a pioneer.

FreshFly is bridging the gap between the creative, the community and the business world. In a society that wants to say the business-minded must lack or stifle creativity and heart for their community, FreshFly is a shining example that it simply doesn’t have to be that way. In a day and age that values selfishness and being all for self, FreshFly leads by example in showing support and love to her peers, culture and city.

And of course, she can spit. With a clear voice and a confidently relaxed delivery, FreshFly weaves the stories and experience of the human condition into her conscious lyricism, and she’s also ready to snap on you when and if necessary. We are still waiting for new music on wax, since the most recent release other than features and cyphers is from a while ago. In a time of constantly spitting out content, FreshFly has been taking her time to learn and strategically place herself. Using the strength of her first tape In My Krytikal Mynd from 2014 to propel her momentum and build a core base while continuing to do work with other locals on their singles and projects. The time in between projects can be set aside when you remember that she’s also building a brand, constantly organizing events and community service opportunities alongside Blaytent and Sundaze 614, on top of managing fellow artists and songwriting.

Besides that, with multiple shows every season, you can still see and hear her music regularly. You can catch her at the Pipeline L’Edition Feminine show on 1/13, for example, and rumor is she’s performing new music. She also recently killed her verse on the Kei to the City Cypher, which highlighted all women. Regardless, we can anticipate new music coming soon as FreshFly plans to release a mixtape with industry beats early 2018 entitled IMKM2, with plans to follow that up with her first E.P..

FreshFly offers much to this city’s budding culture. FreshFly hats are becoming a Columbus staple as she consistently sells out of batch after batch, while her partnership with Cardo Jones for Blaytent clothing was also seeing constant growth all of 2017. With her partners in Sundaze 614, she organizes everything from art events to hip hop shows to provide other artists a platform to highlight their creativity and work.

If that wasn’t enough she just launched The Break Bread Project with Sundaze 614 as well, a non-profit organization meant to give back to the community through annual events like clothing and food drives. None of this others-focus takes away from her being about her business, with an understanding a society needs unity, hard work and funds to grow, she consistently strives to find the balance between creating, giving, and earning with integrity.

Make sure to look out for upcoming singles and additional cyphers (as if the six cyphers she’s already been in since her debut release is 2014 wasn’t already impressive), and be on the lookout for IMKM2 release information soon.

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