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If you haven’t heard of or seen King Jaf  yet, you were likely going to soon. With dozens of shows in and out of Columbus, countless music features with numerous of the cities finest talents in addition to his project Who Is King Jaf? he’s an artist who is constantly on the move. His work ethic matches his creative mind, which produces a beautiful fusion of melody and cadence with experienced-honed lyrics, all backed by intricate flow schemes.

King Jaf’s music always has a purpose, the message in the content always meant to grow and inspire. He speaks on the importance of good business and ethics, but this isn’t any Sunday School corny-ness like this sort of content is often labeled… it’s always a vibe.

    You’ve got to be serious about your paper, they watchin’ you make it, they plottin’ to take it. – Paper, King Jaf

King Jaf’s love for progress and growth is also mirrored in his love for his city. His consistency in coming alongside to co-promote and boost his co-artists and uplift them and rejoice with them in their successes is well documented. His firm confidence in what the future holds for him allows him a freedom to push and propel others forward, while he also continuously takes his own strides as well.

    Growing up it was hard, dead bodies in the yard, I came up now I’m grown, I had to tap into my zone. – Luvv, King Jaf

His creative mind may be unparalleled in its uniqueness and the delicate balance of fusion he brings to the table. As you listen, the melodies will keep you in line while the structure of the flow is so close to unhinged at times it keeps the brain working, often creating an effect that sends the listener on a sort of roller-coaster ride.

Whether it’s his own work or a feature, he’s going to bring the same energy. The fusion in the melody includes pieces of reggae, r&b, jazz, blues and more while the rhyme scheme and flow structure is as varied as it gets. Booming bass, lots of space, and resonating reverb help drive his voice into your mind while the flow dances with the high hats.

With Sesh Gang, King Jaf ran a large majority of Thursday nights on Facebook in 2017 with #SessGangThursdays where he & the Sesh Gang along with others would freestyle together. We here he’s currently looking for artists to get things back into gear, we look forward to it and more from this artist this year.

    I’m at work like my name Sam Rothstein, ask Kashis, we got the keys to the city man. – Real Thing, Sam Rothstein ft Raidenlabs, Kashis Keyz & King Jaf

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