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Who was it that put out 7 projects last year, with 30+ songs? Who’s worked with everyone from Devin XO to Taco’Vel, in addition to a plethora of producers, and was constantly hitting stages during spring/summer of ’17? You know, the guy with the mask? Oh, that’s Ron Phoenix.


Ron Phoenix is a pretty cool guy, and he doesn’t care if you agree. Don’t get confused, as much as he holds his own opinions and could not care less if you like them, he is also one of the biggest supporters of his fellow artists in the city. This writer has seen Ron Phoenix take to the stage with countless artists as they were first getting their feet wet on the scene, recalling several separate occasions of seeing Phoenix share the stage with someone during their first ever performance.

Flexing don’t get it, I work for this – Ron Phoenix, HARD WORK PAYS OFF

Those are moments, and that’s culture and community building. We like that

Phoenix’s social media is riddled with other artists’ cover arts and promoting content from his peers as he champions them. All the while, his own work ethic is not to be discounted as he puts out project after project. Ron Pheonix has a team of at least five producers he works with exclusively on projects, all the while recording and engineering on his own equipment. You’ve likely seen his name on the bill before if you go out to the shows around Columbus, and if you’ve seen him you know the energy matches the neck-breaking nod the music inspires. And he’ll inspire that vibe all while boasting of his love for the what some may consider more unconventional, like final fantasy. He’s proud of who he is, and the unique perspective of his different interests brings interesting insight and content.

I’m playing final fantasy, my whole life is a fantasy. – Ron Phoenix, Fantasy

If you’re ready to vibe, it’s time to listen to Ron Phoenix.

Every song has a mood and it sets the tone, the music can change your mood to match it if you allow yourself to get lost in it. Simple but clever bars with a driving flow carry you along with the songs until their done. In addition, anyone following Pheonix can see his investment in himself as far as personal development and growth are concerned, both as a human being and specifically in his craft.

Pheonix has plans to drop numerous projects this year. We’ve heard he’s been working closely with producer Legendary, and we’re excited. Rumor is, there may even be something coming out within days of this issue drop. So, stay tuned for an imminent update and new music.

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