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With the summer finally approaching, FlyPaper is here to help soundtrack the good weather and good times ensuring #Summer16 will be one to remember. And because we know you love to support Columbus music, this playlist is full of local artists, both veterans and new acts you should keep an eye out for.
One of Columbus’s top rappers recently released a new track and video to match. Vada’s (formerly known as King Vada) new single “Money Fhone” is upbeat and braggadocios, reminiscent of the early 2000’s before the track’s smooth breakdown. Produced by Rashad, the track is perfect to start your summer.

“Last night I ain’t even have an address,” TrigNO raps right out the gate. “TaxFree” is a hype song that’s relatable to anyone who is trying to make it by any means necessary. The production is great to ride to as well. TrigNO’s project ‘TrigNOw’ is coming soon.

Zac Fresh’s latest tape ‘Hi8tus’, features the stand out track “LEX” featuring Big James. The track is definitely a summer banger, combining Zac Fresh’s melodious rap-singing style with crazy production by Sean Starks. Let the whole tape get you right for summer ’16.

“Goons and Savages” is perfect for the summer pre-game. Major is getting a lot of love around Ohio lately, making this track a must for the summer playlist. Ace comes in with the short and sweet feature too, check the track below and catch the video here.
Tae Fresh is becoming a force in Columbus and beyond. In one of his latest singles, “Run It Up” you can hear why the artist has been gaining so much traction lately. He raps: “When you getting cheese you gotta plant them mousetraps / Charge it to the game you take a loss and you bounce back.” Nothing is gonna’ keep Tae Fresh down, not even his haters.

Elliot Trent produces and complements Manivanh’s “Vybe Wit You,” a lighter song perfect for summer flings. Elliot Trent is everywhere lately, producing a lot of music for some of Columbus’s best artists and putting some dope music out of his own.

Ceezar’s “Celebration” is meant for celebrating life, according to Ceezar himself, and has a throwback feel akin to backyard cookouts. Ceezar rides for Columbus all the way: “The savior of the youth came straight from Columbus / I’m woke and I’m wavy and I speak on both subjects.” This one might be an anthem.

Correy Parks recently made the number one spot on FlyPaper’s 6-1-4 Hip Hop Power Ranking Spotlight, and we’re spotlighting him again on this playlist. His 5th studio project ‘The Road Less Traveled’ has produced the single “On Our Way” a motivating track for anyone finally getting on and making moves. Yogi Split contributes bars as well.

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