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Drake is dating Rihanna… no, he’s dating J Lo? How many tattoos does Chris Brown have? Lil Yachty’s dreads changed color because he drinks only red Faygo. Lebron James’ hairline matches the newest drop-top convertible he purchased. Alas, the wonderful lives of our favorite celebrities, the conversation that erupts and most importantly: How can our nosiness make our lives better?!

The intrigue that comes from our favorite celebrities is not new, and I do not expect it to leave anytime soon. I could harp on how nosiness gets us nowhere. Nope. I won’t. I’d rather reverse that approach by “going where no blogger has gone”: I contend that the fascination with the lives of our favorite celebrities can be a good thing!

It is very hard to be taught something new if the subject bores us. On the flipside, the lives of our favorite celebrities intrigue us. This intrigue becomes value if we use it as a medium that prompts us into action.

Take anything your favorite athlete or entertainer has done and consciously models their behavior or represents a better alternative. For example, the choice by Kapernick to kneel during the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance or Star-Spangled Banner may prompt us to kneel (or not) or at least review our stance on the idea or action. The US gymnasts that did awesome during the recent Olympics were accosted by many for their hair. Have you been ostracized for the hair style? Challenge yourself to sincerely compliment someone on their hair today?

My ultimate point is that the interest in our celebrities’ lives isn’t going anywhere. Inasmuch, let’s use that intrigue in an awesome way that challenges us to be better people. It’s possible. Do you agree or disagree? I am interested in your thoughts on the matter!


Searius A.

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