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Many believe that they’re focusing on the important stuff in life; politics, celebrity news, sports,  etc. but in reality, those are just more ways to distract ourselves from ourselves. Those are the things that we are taught to value above all else, but has anyone ever stopped and said,

“Why the hell do I care more about this sh*t than anything else in my life?” 

What’s really important is knowing you, and understanding how you function among and can contribute to the betterment of humankind. What others are doing is irrelevant.

What others are saying is irrelevant. And a contribution can manifest in various forms, so don’t take this as me saying that you need to quit your job or something else ridiculous like that. Keep doing you, but remember that looking inward is one of the very best things that you can do for yourself.

Most people call you a pacifist or a hippie for thinking in this way, but a oneness with oneself is as crucial as a oneness with a lover, a companion, nature, or whatever creator you believe in. There has to be balance within, and some have one without the other; many have none  because they were never taught to, and for that reason they cling to mediocrity and materialism  like leeches. It’s not entirely their fault though.

I was blessed with a sight that goes beyond the surface, but I believe that we all have the ability  to see things that way. Not from my perspective of course, but I refuse to believe that we have become so removed from ourselves that we are unable to look beyond what we are being shown.

I see the world’s problems, and I don’t just see feuding nations. I don’t just see pirates kidnapping children. I don’t just see terrorists. I don’t just see racists.

There is always more beneath the surface than what can be clearly seen. The thought has been referred to as the iceberg effect, where maybe you do see a large chunk of ice, but below the water is a body of ice so vast that  you couldn’t fathom its existence until you took the time to look beyond that topside of the mass.  You can clearly see it above the water. And for that reason, in our people I see pain and anger.


I see internal conflict. I see confusion. I see many who know the right path, but let their pride and fear of risk get in the way of them becoming a better version of themselves. I see individuals who believe that they are fighting for their beliefs when, in reality, they have been brainwashed and used. I see individuals who were born of hate, and who are afraid to explore anything more because it will make them vulnerable. I see people who are afraid to ask for help, or who don’t trust themselves enough to be confident in what they do.

Most people call you a pacifist or a hippie for thinking in this way, but a oneness with oneself is  as crucial as a oneness with a lover, a companion, with nature, or with whatever creator that you  believe in. 

So many look at the problems and want to blame them for why the world is the way it is, but the truth of the matter is many of these problems would not exist if each of us were at peace with ourselves. Many of these problems would not exist if we loved and respected ourselves; if we took that extra time each day to explore our own bodies and minds in  an effort to not only understand them, but to apply the strength that we find to helping our  brothers and sisters on this planet. What I’m speaking of is definitely a Utopian concept, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t aspects of it that are attainable by us. Stop using the same BS excuse that it’s “naive” because you know as well as I that nothing can be denied until you at the very least have tried to make it happen. Let’s make the effort!

So, in conclusion, to really change the world, you must first convince the world that they have the power to change. We’re slaves to our minds and bodies when we don’t have to be. We’re slaves to inorganic ideas that require us to be everything but ourselves. We are slaves to fear, and let it become the decision maker in our lives. We cannot break our chains until we look at the real reason for why we’re in them. Until the slave understands that it was not his captor who enslaved him, but actually he who allowed himself to be enslaved, he will not be free.

Just food for thought…


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