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Video games and Hip-Hop are closely intertwined, whether it was Redman appearing in NBA 2K1, slamming other rappers to the ground in Def Jam Vendetta, or hooping with your favorite stars in NBA Street. We here at FPM decided we were going to make our own rendition, presented to you in the form of “The Rap Game”. Let’s introduce you to our first 4 characters: Drake, Retro Kanye, Retro Lil Wayne, and Tyler The Creator.


First Appearance: “The Rap Game”

Signature Move: OVO Blast

Date: 2009

“Everyone who doubted me is asking for forgiveness, If you ain’t been a part of it at least you got to witness”

Drake is not an original character to “The Rap Game” however most fans will agree that he was a welcome addition since his debut in 2009.  His fighting style is somehow totally unique, and completely familiar.  A slew of early changes led to the powerhouse iteration of the character we see today.  While his basic attack is Hit-Maker, it is important to mention that his secondary attack of OVO Blast can be just as powerful when you have the Nike-powerup working for you.  Finally, Drakes finishing move has become known as the 6 Bomb, a flurry of Toronto references and strikes from friends.

Retro Kanye

First Appearance: “The Rap Game”

Signature Move: SPAZZz

Date: 2001

“No one man should have all that POWER”

A character as old as the game itself, Kanye has become a polarizing character choice, similar to Kirby in Smash Brothers 64 or Golden State in NBA2K, simultaneously being the most annoying to play and the peak of the experience of the game.  His combination of Free Love and Spazz mode lull the opposing character into a false sense of security, only for them to soon be smashed with a barrage.  Making matters even worse for his opponent, is the controversial Sample attack.  Whether you choose to describe it as the ability to steal your opponents best move or rather just borrowing that move, everyone can agree it is one of the best finishing moves the game has seen.

Tyler, the Creator

First Appearance: “The Rap Game”

Signature Move: Domo23

Date: 2011

 “I’m not an asshole, I just don’t give a fuck a lot”

A relatively new addition to “The Rap Game”, this is a character fans have been eagerly awaiting, and they were not let down.  The creators of the game did an incredible job capturing the spirit of Tyler.  His basic move is a wrestling style move aptly named Domo23.  His second move is an equally entertaining move titled Donut Roll.  Transforming into his signature pink frosting donut, he runs down his opponents.  Finally, his finishing move is modeled after arguably his greatest album to date, Flower Boy, transforming Tyler into a swarm of bees.

Lil Wayne

First Appearance: “The Rap Game”

Signature Move: Lighter Flick

Date: 1991

“I am the beast, feed me rappers or feed me beats”

 The final character in our spotlight is Lil Wayne.  Another one of the legacy characters, there is an argument to be made for Weezy being the most powerful character in the game.  While his character has not been updated since the second iteration of the game in 2008, his moves will still strike a nostalgic chord with users.  From his classic Lighter Flick, to summoning his dogs, you cannot go wrong.  Maybe most exciting of all is his finishing move F is for Finisher, a timeless callback to peak Lil Wayne.

Lookout for new DLC with bonus characters, coming soon.
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