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FlyPaper Magazine adds another “On The Rise” Columbus entrepreneur to its exclusive interview catalog with City League record holder and creator of multiple fashion lines, Nigel Preacher. He walks with a humble determination that you only see every once in a while and a simple message to those that don’t already know…

He’s coming.

Along with his government issued name, Nigel has answered to many titles throughout his life. Brother, son, champion, CEO, and visionary just to name a few. But if you ever see him out, please, just call him “Preach”.

 FP:  Was high jump your first love or did you do it because you were really good at it?

NP: Believe it or not, I just randomly tried high jump in 6th grade. I was pretty much trash at everything my first year in the sport. I wasn’t fast enough to sprint and couldn’t run long distance. One day I saw the high school kids doing it at practice so I walked over and tried it with them. It just felt natural. So from then on, that was the event I stuck with. It took me awhile to actually fall in love with high jumping because it was so difficult to learn, but once I got a grasp of it, I loved everything about it.

FP: Dope. So how many track medals do you have and which one was your most memorable?

NP: How many? Ha. Too damn many. Honestly, I don’t know the exact number… never really tried to keep count. But out of all the medals, even my collegiate medals, I would have to say the awards I received during the 2011 City League Championships; all of them. From the one I got for breaking the record in high-jump by a quarter of inch, to winning the 300M hurdles only minutes after competing in the high jump competition. It was a pretty eventful day for me. One I’ll never forget.


FP: How long have you been designing and distributing clothes? And when did you decide to put all of your energy towards fashion?

NP: I’ve been designing for a few years now and didn’t really start seriously putting out clothes until early 2016. Back in 2015, I tried the unattached track life for a season. It was statistically one of my best seasons in the sport, but I knew it wasn’t going to pay the bills. So I made the tough decision to start working full-time and put high-jump to bed. While working, I started to design again and that’s how my first brand Royallaine came about.


FP: Must have been tough to leave the sport. But we don’t hear much from you about Royallaine LLC these days. Have you distanced yourself from that Brand?

NP: Royallaine is still around; I’m just not putting all of my focus on it right now. Royallaine was strictly a street-wear brand and my focus isn’t on just street-wear. So I have to distance myself from the brand until I’m ready to come back to it. It’ll be making a return, just not anytime time soon.


FP:  Preacher’s Ministry LLC. is your current clothing line. Is there any special meaning behind the name? And your objective is to restore the consumer’s Faith In Fashion? Can you expand on that idea?

NP:  The meaning behind Preachers Ministry is straight forward; my last name is Preacher and ministry is just another word for a group of people. We definitely want to expand the idea of “Faith in Fashion”. I feel the entire fashion industry, not just local designers, but also bigger brands aren’t pushing forward enough. This is not a shot at any other brand out there but I feel we can do more than the basic tees and hoodies, I’m guilty of it myself but our goal is to expand outside of the basics. I see tweets all the time saying brands have to have more than just printed tees and hats with cute qoutes. I agree. Our focus is on attention to detail and using materials not so easily replicated. The core mission is simple; get the customer excited about what they’re wearing. And along the way, if we keep at it, restore faith in the true meaning of high-fashion.

“We take pride in making sure what we put out, is the best out.”

FP:   You pride yourself on high-quality fabrics and material for your clothing. Does that hinder how many of any item you put out for sale at any time?

NP: Sometimes. It depends on what the product is. For example, those fur jackets I created last fall, the materials for those weren’t cheap. Since it was coming out of my pocket exclusively and I didn’t take out any loans to produce it, I only had a few on hand. And after those were gone you had to place a special order. Our goal is to get away from pre-orders and have it immediately on hand, but it will still be limited, just because we like to keep things that way. As far as high quality goes if it isn’t excellent I won’t release it.

FP:   When can we expect to see some of these items be available for sale? For those of us that value the allure of the “limited release” and the bragging rights to say “You can’t cop this, it’s only one of five”.

NP: You can expect something from us real soon. As a brand we’re not following the normal guidelines of dropping collections, we’re going to drop whenever ever we feel it’s right. Drops could range from one item to five items; you never know. But I definitely like to keep everything limited so we don’t over saturate our brand and keep things fresh.


FP: Before we let you go. If you had to choose, would you rather be remembered for accomplishments in High Jump or the mark you left on fashion?

NP: Honestly, I’d rather be remembered for fashion. Don’t get me wrong, [track] was definitely a great time in my life. I achieved a lot personal goals and grew as a man. But in fashion, I face new challenges every day. Making even the smallest thing a big win for me. Hopefully, I can change the culture moving forward… with both brands.


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