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Written by: Vida Michelle / Contact: mividamichelle@gmail.com –

This has been a really good time to marinate on music. The recent change in season sets the stage perfectly for both reflection and reawakening. Appropriately enough, Kairos; the cleverly written album by: Armond marks its one year anniversary May 21, 2014.

Anniversaries – Sort of like a birthday except instead of celebrating a person, we celebrate an important occasion. Why am I giving you my definition of anniversary? Because an anniversary is a useful, even advantageous time to think back to when…

Kairos & I first met –

One of the benefits of being a Writer is the opportunity to check out different events. Last year around this time I was invited to a Hip Hop Show featuring Armond a.k.a. Armond Wake Up. I went in hopes of being entertained and maybe inspired but definitely with my usual disposition of “I’m expecting nothing, but I’m ready for everything.”

The result? I stood and danced for most of the show. I was definitely entertained. The lyrical content combined with the energy of the performance moved me, elevated me, and because I was affected and inspired, when I left — I had my own copy of the Kairos c.d.

I listened to Kairos everyday for a while. When I say it stayed in rotation, I mean heavy. Of course God knows what I need and what form to give it to me in; I always say Christ and Hip Hop are at the top of my love list and Kairos had both.

“The definition of Kairos is a moment in time that presents an opportunity for change…”
~Armond Wake Up

So there it was, my reminder, my opportunity, set to music. Is this my Kairos? Now what do I do?

A Year in the Life –

In the last year I have watched Armond perform many times and have seen Kairos become a part of various events and as a result a part of various lives. He was featured in the documentary #614 Days of Summer, did a great job when he opened for Masta Ace & Wordsworth at The Annual Polar Showcase and while making rounds doing radio interviews, guest appearances and promoting, Armond consistently drops off the message and the ministry that Kairos carries.


Most recently I saw Armond perform at Buggin Out #18. If you have ever been to Buggin’ Out, you know that the crowd is Hip Hop heavy. The kind of crowd EPMD was talking to in the song, “Crossover”

“The rap era’s outta control, brother’s sellin their soul to go gold.
Going, going, gone, another rapper sold!”

Armond’s set with DJ O Sharp kept the energy of the strictly underground Hip Hop crowd high. See, Armond made no compromise with Kairos, he stayed true to his style and cared more about the truth than the norm. Our society says they promote individuality but when unique doesn’t equal normal, acceptance becomes a gamble. Armond makes no apology for putting soul before sold. I say that confidently since I know that currently, Kairos is sold out with only a promise of reissue during this one year anniversary celebration.

At some point during the year I recognized Kairos was no longer just an album, it had gone…

From Music to Movement –

The difference between the fast food record that promotes a popular song or two and an album like Kairos that produces a movement is its longevity, the affect on people and subsequent effect on culture.

In the recent years “fast food music” has become the norm. Since the playing field has been leveled with internet technology, almost anyone and everyone can write, record and release a song, good or bad.

– Combine that song with a gimmick and you can have value meal #1.
– Pay a popular artist to do a special appearance on your project (in order to make your album more appealing) that’s value meal #2.

You’ve seen it, you’ve heard it, and you get the point. So how does the public usually respond? In true fast food tradition, we hear a song and immediately forget what our ears just tasted.

Knowingly or not we use music as a measurement. I know when I hear a song that I like, I can tell you where I was, who I was with and what I was going through. In other words; I can gauge my mental, physical and spiritual state based on the memory I have attached to that song. A note worthy song or album will immediately trigger a memory and feeling. Kairos does that, it triggers; thoughts, decisions, actions, etc.

With Kairos, Armond has intelligently and strategically used his God given gift.
One year later Kairos successfully continues to minister to the multitudes, over a Hip Hop beat.
Check out:


for the reissue of Kairos, merchandise and new projects from Armond Wake Up!

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