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Today’s fashion in the 21st Century throughout all man-kind is a barrier we never seen broken. Effortlessly a mixed pot of cultures and styles merged together because fashion has learned to embrace different languages. In urban/lifestyle, high-fashion, streetwear, fitness, and even sex apparel all categories of attire are becoming well-perceived for all to wear. Every race, every gender, and all ages have an equal opportunity to clothe themselves according to their view of self-expression.

If you’re reading this you most likely heard the common saying, “Nothing is new under the sun.” While that is true and in this regards fashion has been around for many centuries. In fact, during the 14 Century is where it all began. Then from now is the opportunity to refashion how traditions were originally shaped. Most customs instructed men and woman how to dress in their daily activities. Some countries were birthed wearing minimal clothing others were taught to clothe their entire being excluding their eyes.

In the United States of America, these barriers are becoming non-existent, which allows people of all backgrounds to express themselves based upon their feelings. Millennials united together to disregard teachings of origin and heritage, which can cause growth within the fashion industry, but also bring dishonor towards most families. Moving forward seems difficult to determine.

However, fashion involves trends that are forever evolving. Without creating them what would we rely on? That being said time is continuous and so are fads, in contrast, traditions are a form of characteristic manner, style, or method. Under the sun fashion is always progressing in cycles, so that leads to question will traditions do the same?

In conclusion, as the opportunity presents itself our outward expressions determine the next direction for all forms of apparel.

Xiao Mei is a guest blogger from The Nude Blog. Visit The Nude Blog to read more from her.

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