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It’s getting colder outside, the days are getting shorter by the minute and you start to notice that your friends and associates are suddenly in relationships. Those are the signs of Cuffing Season. 

Now I get it. Having a lil Sweet Ting to cuddle and do cute holiday things with is a really nice way to not only end the year but start the new one; but here’s the reality: your luck isn’t as great as the next person. So now you have to ask yourself one question: How do I get on The Roster?

Sure you can go outside and try to mingle at the local bars and other public areas but with today’s new fangled technology, finding your “New Bae” is as simple as sliding in a DM. The social media outlet known as Twitter has definitely shifted from a site to share information to a site to also help you find your future Sweet Ting.

In a small study, I tweeted “Describe your Cuffing Season in 3 words.” The results were all over the board, from “Successful” to “I’m the referee this year”. After my first question, I tweeted: “Why was your Cuffing Season not successful?” I got two main answers: “I’m ugly” and “I’m shy”.

Well, let me tell you something: How are you gonna expect to go to the Allstar game when you don’t have the confidence to play the field?

“I Got Curved, Now What?”

Getting curved is definitely not the ideal result for ANYONE trying to get out there and mingle but keep in mind: There are plenty of fish in the sea. resiliency is the key here; dust yourself off and try again.

You Got This, Fam!

Now I don’t know about you all, but I am a firm believer in Shooting Your Shot and you  must shoot your shot by any means necessary. Letting your shyness or a fear of rejection get in the way between you and your future Sweet Ting is something we all have to overcome at some point in our lives, you just have to dip your toe in the water. Never block a blessing, your chance of participating in any Cuffing Season could be as simple as a DM slide or a simple “hello”; so let’s get you on the roster.

Check back often for more dating and sex advice. I have the answers. 😉

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