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I feel like Men’s fashion tends to get lost in the wind, but this summer blew in just the right pieces and gave men just as many options as women have.


Let’s start with all the hype and controversy of the RompHim, if you aren’t active in the Twitter-sphere the brand RompHim (the name is exactly what it sounds like) released a line of rompers for men. While many found jokes in it, a romper is a great piece whether it’d be short or pants jumper. Rompers with cargoesque features, denim and crazy patterns paired with a classic white leather shoe were perfect combinations. The romper gave men simplicity of an easy item, with a great style. I advise you all not to shy away from this one fellas.

A basic tee will always be a staple in men’s fashion, but especially in the summer. They are light and easy to throw on and go, but they also can add just the right flare to a simple ensemble. We’ve seen contrasting striped shirts, floral (not the dad shirts please), and basic deep tones paired with jorts, tapered denim, and chinos (we’ll visit these next).

Jorts, the ultimate short, short. It’s the perfect length cut just right above the knee and loose fitting at the knee seam. Worn in a frayed denim or chino style, they can be paired with white button downs (show a little chest hair, if you have it that is), a basic or patterned team (no excessive graphics it’s way too heavy), or a polo (if that’s your thing). The same styling applied to chinos as well, which can be found in your more basic colors grey, black, khaki, olive, salmon and even brighter colors (I’m sure you can find Easter pink at anytime). And well, tapered denim never goes out of style, G-star, Nudie, and Naked and Famous, but the silhouette has changed, which gave men a more cropped look.

What I’m most excited to recap is the light minimalistic shoes that were paired with all of these pieces this summer. The white leather shoe is such a staple piece and was the need of the summer in your wardrobe. It can dress up a look if paired with chinos and a white button up or dress down a look with your go to jorts, a tee and light bomber. This style of shoe makes any outfit very clean for sure. Vans are another staple shoe, although a shoe made for skaters it has crossed over into street style and was seen with many of the pieces I recapped earlier. With a plethora of colors including the classic black and white, suede salmon and even leather you need a pair of Vans.


So while men are usually skipped over in summer looks, this summer may have just provided men with the best interchangeable wardrobe pieces. Still simple, still functional and you can still throw it on and go (like most of you prefer to do).


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