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Future is my favorite rapper. Sometimes when I tell people this, they’ll look at me weird or wonder why I would choose Future when there are so many more conscious rappers. My favorite response however is this guy telling me, and I quote, “Damn girl that’s how I know I can’t trust you, you listen to too much Future.” All of these responses are irrelevant though because regardless, he’s still my favorite rapper. From his trap-laden beats coupled with heavy sounding hip-hop vocals to his occasional auto-tuned crooning, I love it all. His hardest songs are when he raps about drugs, sex, getting money, and fashion like the popularized “Mask Off” which includes a chorus of him rapping “Percocet, Molly, Percocet, chase a check, never chase a b*tch, mask off, f*ck it, mask off” that has gone platinum with the #Mask Off Challenge where talented musicians attempt to emulate the flute sample present throughout the song, which I thought was amazing. Also, since I love haute couture fashion, him constantly name dropping brands makes me love him more. Like in “Poppin Tags” when he says, “New Chanel uhhh, pick out what you want” I live for that. He’s just always talking about taking somebody’s girl or wife with all his money and name brand things and I’m here for hearing the story.

However, he does have softer sounding songs like “Feds Did a Sweep,” “Purple Reign,” and “Turn On Me.” He raps about love, he raps about pain, he raps about his past mistakes, and all of that is relatable. There’s one lyric that he says in “Lookin Exotic” that throws me off every time I hear it because it’s so beautiful. Like he really just sits there and sings, “sometimes when you speak from your soul it sounds like you singing,” like I’d be okay after hearing it. Honestly, every listener can find a bit of themselves in his lyrics if they try to connect past the heavy trap beats that are laced through the majority of his songs. He is able to share pieces of himself in his music and in turn, the audience is able to identify with what he says.

This man has been able to continuously put out music that I am not only able to relate to but that I can blast in the car, at a party, and in my ear phones just walking up the street, and that alone is something I will always commend in an artist. And if you want to know just how extra I am about Future, my favorite tweet of all time is this guy saying “Love Future. And that boy can craft a hit, but ain’t nothing really that special bout ‘March Madness’” to which this guy I follow responded with “Love Michelangelo. And that boy can craft a painting, but ain’t nothing really special bout the Sistine Chapel ceiling.” I’m pretty sure that alone is telling of the dedication that Future’s fans have especially for me because when I saw this tweet, I was studying abroad in Italy and taking art classes where we would go out and see the works of Michelangelo, and I still related to the tweet. I still juxtaposed the two artists. Many people might see this as unacceptable, but it’s just facts.

Now this past week, I was given the opportunity to see the man perform some of his recent hits front row, for free, on Jimmy Kimmel Live. I had seen him previously a few years ago with Drake, but that was before he truly came into his own, around the release of “Bugatti.” This was different. This was hypnotic, and seeing my favorite rapper in this setting could have made me cry (when I heard the opening to “Super Trapper,” I almost shed a tear). At these shows the artist normally does one or two songs, but Future went and performed “Mask Off,” “Rent Money”, “Used to This,” “Incredible,” “Super Trapper,” and “Wicked.” The entire audience was amazed, especially me, because I was not expecting him to put on a show like this. Like sure it was for television, but it was still free. He was just honestly such a great performer and his stage presence immediately livened up the audience. We were all dancing and shouting lyrics to his songs the entire time. He brought up his son, Prince, and was just a beyond engaging performer. He was able to perform more songs than artists normally do on the show, but it was nothing compared to how much music he has recently released.


I mean, in the last few years alone, the rapper has dropped seven projects from Dirty Sprite 2 to Beastmode to the eponymous Future which was followed by Hendrix only a week later, all of which debuted at number one and that’s not even counting his numerous collaborations with both established artists as well as those who are up-and-coming. His work ethic is just crazy, which adds to why I love him so much. Like yeah he can be extra, but I am too, so I am completely unashamed to ride for Future as hard as I do.



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