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From artist to entrepreneur, Christian Graves, better known in the city by his moniker “Von Graves,” is bringing fresh ideas and a new brand to the city.

A few days away from a launch that will make way for a company of the culture, USIC is a tech company founded by Graves, along with Columbus natives Mario Hairston, Brian Adams and Brian Williams.

The overall goal of the company is to give artists the opportunity to take control of their crafts and become self-sustainable without the backing of major labels. The users also get a chance to be involved by earning while they share and stream their favorite artists.

While there are other companies within the crypto-currency sphere, according to Graves, none of them have the unique qualifiers that USIC brings to the industry.

“There are only about five or six music companies running music campaigns,” Graves said, “us coming into that space as pretty much an all black roster is unheard of.”

Graves explains the lack of diversity within the tech world and music industry, and the importance of representation.

“Having young black kids in this space, there’s a lot of pressure to do this the right way,” Graves said, “we’ve been pulling all nighters the past few days to make sure we come out the gate on point.”

The company, which launches it’s website Jan 8, will produce events and apps to connect users with their favorite artists and bring new opportunities to Columbus.

Investing into USIC gives the company a chance to jumpstart of these ideas and projects.

“I think it’s such a beautiful thing,” Graves said, “I like being in the forefront and I really think we’re working on something that will change the world.”

Monday’s launch introduces the Wallet app, the company’s first release. The app allows users to invest, use and earn by using the company’s crypto-currency, usi coins.

The site offers step by step directions on how the wallet app works, as well as information on the company and its plans over the next few couple of years.

While the official flagship for the company’s app has a planned launch date in March, users have the opportunity to assist USIC in reaching their goals. The company’s site, Usic.co launches January 8, introducing an opportunity to public to invest into the brand and triple their investment in the process.

“The goal is to bring everything I’ve experienced to Columbus and add what we have going on here,” Graves said, “We need to bring a new energy here, and we have a brand that can do that.”

To invest, or simply explore and gain a better feel for the brand, visit Usic.co.

Follow @realusic  on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with their plans and progress.

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